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Closed Loop Cold Water Extraction Overview

Solventless Ice Water Extraction

  •  System Sizes 
  •  Types of Systems 
  •  1 Pound / hr Systems 
  •  5 Pound / hr Systems 
  •  20 Pound / hr Systems 
  •  50 Pound / hr Systems 
  •  100 Pound / hr Systems 
  •  Full Spectrum Hub 
  •  Processor Workstation 
  •  Grizzly Lab 

Medical Grade Cannabis Extraction

  • Safe
  • Solventless
  • Food Grade
  • Pure & Clean
  • Medical Grade
  • Eco Friendly
  • Uses cold water to extract THC or CBD from the Cannabis Plant

Good for Business

  • Lead the Way! 
  • Fast ROI 
  • Most Versatile System Available
  • Increased Yields 
  • Achieve Consistency 
  • Save Time 
  • ROI in days

Pure & Natural

Ice Cold Water Extraction is a pure, natural process of extracting the Trichomes from the Cannabis plant. 

This process focuses on extracting the Trichomes in as pure a manner as possible that preserves the integrity of the Trichomes! This process is: 

- Fast 

- Safe 

- Quality 

- Clean 

- Solventless

 If this were food this would be the Natural, Organic, Locally Grown version of concentrated Cannabis!

Everything That's Important is Included

Trichomes contain all the goodies you are looking for from a Cannabis plant such as:

- THC 


- Terpenes

- Cannabinoids 

- Fats

- Lipids...

Ice Cold Water Extraction is:

- Pure Natural Processing Systems to isolate & extract the precise quality & grade of Trichomes

- This process is as pure as the quality of Water & Cannabis you use

---- We recommend a good filtered water or preferably distilled water

---- Filtration systems are an option upon further discussion

- Solventless

---- Hydro-Carbon Free / Not Cancer forming

Our Ice Cold Water Extraction Process creates a "Suspension Solution" of concentrated Trichomes ready to be filtered according to grade

---- Use as many filters (up to a total of 10) per run

---- Filters are different sizes which extracts out different grades of Trichomes due to their size

---- You choose what sizes/grades you extract to get the best returns

---- Separate out the exact grade of trichomes you desire

---- Choose between volume or precise micron separation for options / quality

What are your needs?

All Systems are:
- Food Grade
- Stainless Steel
- Closed Loop
- Temperature Controlled

- Solventless 

- Cold Water

System Sizes

Per Hour Processing Systems available are: 

- 1 Lbs/hr 

- 5 Lbs/hr

- 20 Lbs/hr 

- 50 Lbs / hr 

- 100 Lbs/hr

Types of Systems

Per Hour Processing Systems available are: 

1)  Full Spectrum Hub

---- Smallest system

---- Least filters

---- All Trichomes from entire run in one place

2) Processor Workstation

---- Same size systems as our Grizzly Lab version

---- Numerous filter options to customize your outcome

3) Grizzly Lab

---- Lab ready

---- Waterproof electrical system for cleaning

---- Separate, external, sealed control panel system