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1. Modular System

1. Start small

- Meet you at your place of need

- Start where your budget allows

- Grow as needed

2. Expand as needed

- Start with Full Spectrum

- Increase your separation filters

- Charge more for different Trichome sizes

- Use different Trichomes to increase your profits

- Use ideal Trichomes for Full Melt

- Use remaining Trichomes for other products such as edibles, tinctures & other extraction methods

3. Modular

- Expand as your needs change

- Add on more agitation as needed

- Add on more Micro 'u' separation filters

- Have separate lines for different runs

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4. Scalable

- Expand as needed

- Increase your volume

- Expand your agitation

- Add larger filter modules

- Increase your separation

- Add more filters micro 'u' sizes

- As pure as the water you use