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   2. One (1) touch to 70% Dry

1. Add prepared Cannabis

- Correct Cannabis preparation is key

2. Start the CWH (Cold Water Hash) Processing Machine

- Set your agitation strength to your desired outcome

- Set your 'u' Micron separation the way you want it

- Run the machine

3. Remove 70% dry Trichomes

- Touching Trichomes looses yield

- Less touching = more yield = more profits

- Processing or drying further takes less time

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4. Process or Extract further as needed

- CWH Crude(Cold Water Hash Crude)

- Rosin

- Budder

- Tinctures

- Edibles

- Use less space and smaller equipment for solvent based extraction

- Work with solvents in a separate facility or section of current facility

- Even use solvents from here to make:-

- Distillate

- Shatter...