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5 Lbs/hr - Full Spectrum Hub - Ice Water Extraction / Bubble Hash
5 Lbs/hr - Full Spectrum Hub - Ice Water Extraction / Bubble Hash5 Lbs/hr - Full Spectrum Hub - Ice Water Extraction / Bubble Hash

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Full Spectrum 
  • Uses the least filters
  • Takes up the least space
  • Yields Trichomes from large to small in your final filter

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Things to consider when thinking about a system are:
- are you looking for Full Spectrum
- Isolated Trichomes for different grades & size Micron sizes
- what's your required end product 
- are you looking for versatility and expansion of your offerings?
- what processing mandates do you need to consider? 
- What volume are you looking to process?
Each question & answer determines a different system & configuration. 


Depending on what you are trying to achieve there are 3 different types of systems to choose from:

  1. Full Spectrum Hub
  2. Processor Workstation
  3. Grizzly Lab
1) Full Spectrum Hub
---- uses the least filters, takes up the least space and gives you the Trichomes from large to small (Full Spectrum) in your final filters
2) Processor Workstation
---- this gives you the main filters to extract the best Trichomes to choose the best grades and do what you like with the remaining systems 
3) Grizzly Lab
---- this gives you the ability to process all the various grades plus extra filter options
---- Process more volume & yield from same batch
---- this gives you all the required features to be held in a clean room that can be sprayed down with all welds polished and sealed... 

The other major deciding factor is what volume would you like to process each day /week?

The differences between what you're trying to achieve makes a huge difference.

When you're ready I can walk your client through the differences and how each system can be best used.

As a quick preview Full Spectrum is a good feature and people like the entire experience yet you may be leaving money on the table to make more exclusive products.

When you get more filters that isolates the best grades which enables you to sell these at higher dollars and then combine the rest to go into whatever you like. 

The best grades can be sold as expensive Bubble Hash or Rosin or made into Solventless Rosin Crystals and Terp Sauce.

The rest can be used how you like such as Edibles, Distillate or Shatter...

Once you have Bubble Hash you can make anything at any grade and expand your offerings.

As an example you could use our counter top Shatter Extractor that could be used for small amounts of bud but huge amounts of Bubble Hash for a fraction of the cost of getting into a normal huge Shatter system.

You end up processing quality Bubble Hash so your end product is even better. 

Same with distillate...

Once you have Bubble Hash you can make anything and all the other equipment will be smaller and easier to use, less space, less Consumables....

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