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Rosin - Rosin Press Filter Bags
Rosin - Rosin Press Filter BagsRosin - Rosin Press Filter Bags

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Rosin Press Filter Bags

These come in various size filter sizes for various preferences. These preferences are driven by the type of flower you are using and what quantity & quality trichomes are being yielded. 

You can adjust the filter size of your Rosin Bag to get a healthy balance between quantity & quality.

Rosin Filter Bag Size Options

  • 100 Microns
  • 80 Microns
  • 50 Microns
  • 25 Microns

25 Microns is the smallest recommended Rosin Filter Bag Size as below this size the quality of the Trichomes becomes very degraded, smaller yields and lowers the quality of the overall batch.

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